I purchased my first home with Ryan as my realtor. He facilitated and guided me through the whole process with patience and understanding in my lack of real estate knowledge. His use of modern communication methods (txt, gchat, email) was integral to me. As a web developer, I’m used to being  able to rapidly communicate with others in a fashion that is not as invasive as a phone call, and Ryan was superb, and incredibly responsive in all of the many means of communication he is available on. As a final note, based on my interactions with him, I feel that he is a ‘real person’ rather than a facade of appearance that is polite and austere. And he brings a significant amount of enthusiasm and energy with him where ever he goes, that really helped in getting through all the details of a real estate transaction, which can become tiresome quickly. Even with his enthusiasm and energy, he never felt pushy, and I’m happy to say I still talk with him periodically despite purchasing my house in ’10. 

— AJ Beyer